Everything You Need to Know About Executive Security

Executive security requires cost - benefit analysis, risk assessment, and old fashioned legwork. That said, here are some of the executive security fundamentals to focus on.

What Is An Executive Security Officer?

An executive security professional is a bodyguard specifically trained to protect a high profile individual or executive - this includes political office holders, corporate executives, and the royalty. The executive protection professional accompanies and protects these individuals from life - threatening situation. Though, during the task he should do his best to keep his profile low and not raise any forms of suspicion. Those who are in need of a bodyguard should consider the protection offered by an executive security instead.

The Attributes And Qualities

Considering the fact that the main reason why you're hiring this professional is for protection, it's important to ensure that he has some police, military, or other security - guard experience. The reason for this is that, this would give the assurance that he can quickly adapt to working with his client and would be able to perform his duties in a timely manner. He should also have excellent communication skills, including gestural and verbal. He must be able to communicate eloquently, confidently, and accurately. Not just that, the listening skills of an executive guard should also be remarkable.

There will also be situations where using firearms is needed in order to protect one's life. For this purpose, and executive protection should be able to understand and must have the proper experience and skill with handling firearms, as well as other self - defense strategies.
More often than not, those who have undergone military training are usually the ones who are very good at handling firearms and other protective weapons. Though, you also ought to know that there will be instances where guns and other weapons of your choice would be unavailable. In such cases, the knowledge of martial arts will come very handy. What we're trying to say is that, an executive protection should have some, if not all, of these skills to ensure that nothing bad will happen to their customer.

Executive Protection Should Be An Advantage

Lastly, it's highly important that these professionals are great communicators as well. They should have the ability of establishing a good rapport with their client, but without getting too close either. Everything should be kept on a professional keel, but these trained professionals should also make their clients feel that someone is looking after them to ensure they're safe and to prevent any planned attack from happening.

The Benefits Of Using A 1099 Software Program – Tax Information Documents Filled In And Submitted In A Quick And Easy Way

Using 1099 software to meet the requirements of the IRS will certainly make the reporting process easier and quicker. Whether you are an individual who receives an income equal to or exceeding $600 during the previous year or a corporate entity making such payments, putting together the 1099 form is much easier with the help of a computer program.

How Does the 1099 Form Work?

The 1099 form is not one single document – it is a set of documents developed to make it possible for tax payers to submit a detailed report of their income, provided that they receive income other than their salaries. If you are employed, but in your free time you work with a corporate entity other that your employer and you receive an income equal to or larger than $600, the company you collaborate will send you a copy of the form 1099 that details your incomes and will also send a copy of the document to the IRS. You must use the information contained in the form you receive to put together your own tax return documents.

If you receive an income from other sources, such as dividends after your stock portfolio or withdrawals from your retirement account, you must also submit the 1099 form. Self-employed people and people receiving incomes categorized under numerous other such as from insurance contracts, third part payments, debt cancellation are also expected to file the form. Order your 1099 software now www.1099-etc.com.

Why Use a 1099 Software Program?

Filing tax documents using dedicated software solutions is quickly becoming the most popular way to put together and submit tax return documents. 1099 software programs make the entire process safer, easier and more accurate – here are just a few of the major benefits of using such a software:

- These programs are complex and they include modules for each type of income that must be reported, making filling easy and quick;
- They are able to create the files in the format requested by the authorities, so you don’t need to worry about compatibility issues;
- Error correction is quick and easy, too;
- Most programs allow you to fill in the 1099 form for years previous to the current tax year.

Using the Software

1099 software solutions are easy to use even for those who are otherwise not very experienced in using the computer, and here we need to mention one more benefit of using one of these programs - most of them come with solid customer support, allowing you to ask for help in case you need it.

How To Choose Car Loans – A Few Aspects To Consider

Car loans make great solutions for those who want to purchase vehicles without paying the entire price for the car in cash. These types of loans come with numerous benefits, including convenience, flexibility and affordability, but only if you manage to choose the best possible loan structure, so here is our short guide on how to choose your loan to be able to make the most of it.

Thinking Ahead

You need to know two things before you start shopping for any car loans: how much money you need for the car and how much you can afford to allocate each month towards the repayment of the car loan. Make sure you calculate as realistically as possible – if the car you want becomes available to you only with a very expensive or very long-term loan, you should probably reconsider your options and go for a cheaper vehicle.

Shopping for Car Loans

The most important factor you must evaluate when comparing vehicle loans is the APR, the Annual Percentage Rate, that is, the total cost of your loan, expressed in percentage – the lower the APR of your loan, the better.

You should also calculate the highest sum you can afford to pay back on a monthly basis, which will give you the shortest loan term you should go for, too. Loans that are stretched over longer periods of time, such as 60 or 84-month loans look cheaper because you will have to pay smaller sums each month. But if you calculate how much you pay back for the entire loan, you will see that the longer the loan term, the more expensive the loan.

When you have a general idea of how much you can pay on your car loan, you can start actually shopping for a loan. Car loans are available from a number of different institutions, from banks and credit unions, and the car dealerships themselves have their own financial partners, too. It is a good idea to visit the dealership that has the car you want with the loan pre-approval documents in your hand. For this, you need to choose a lender – or lenders, much rather, for you can apply for pre-approval from multiple lenders and use the one that works the best for you. Fill out and submit your loan application, then obtain your pre-approval by the following day or in a few days, depending on how the lender works.

As you see, car loans are really good and easy to obtain financial solutions– make sure you gather all the information you need for an informed decision and you will benefit from the best conditions.

Blurb Review

Blurb is a program that gives you the freedom to create and self publish a book yourself. It is a platform for personal book makers, authors, business people and photographers to publish various books and materials. One interesting thing with this site is that it has no suggestions, no editing and no comments, all they do is print what you create. Here is a review of blurb website and whether it is recommended to work with them.


As mentioned, blurb (see http://mattphotobooks.com) offers no further suggestions and help in printing your book. It is a platform that gives you the ability to be creative, publish, sell and distribute various materials. These materials include magazines, books or photo books. They are distributed in digital and print format. Blurb ensures that the self-publishing process is easier for everyone.


One outstanding feature about Blurb is its downloadable BookSmart software. It allows working offline and is available for download on Mac and PC. This software streamlines you workflow so that you can create and publish several materials within a few minutes. It further accommodates both a casual easy-to-use system and an intricate usage. It is sophisticated enough and does most of work, it also has enough options to allow customization of every detail. It is therefore possible to choose from different themes, colors and fonts of various pages.


Blurb has had a good reputation in terms of the quality of products and services.


One notable advantage with working with their services is that they have a wide range of designed templates that you can choose from. One chooses from a wide range of paper, trim size, trade books and magazines templates. You will get a good idea in how your book should look like. If you also want to customize the book yourself, you have the option of creating your own design.

Easy to work with

The customer service of this company is good and easy to work with. Once you request a book to be published, it will be published in a very short time. Blurb has a record of delivering your book within a short turnaround time of four days after order. Printing and working with blurb is simply easy and fun.


Some of the notable cons with their services is that it do not provide distribution to sell your book on the market places other than the official Blurb’s online store. The site will therefore be suited to professional products.

Final verdict

Blurb is a simple yet sophisticated self-publishing service for books and photo books. Though it lacks premium marketing facilities, it gives consumers a fun and easy way to self-publish their content. This site is recommended for anyone that would like to make their publishing work easier.

Take Advantage Of The Cheapest Car Loans On The Market While It Is Still Possible


If it is time to change your car or you want to buy your first car, you should hurry up: you can still benefit from the cheapest car loans in decades, before the market self-regulates and levels up.

From 2014 to date, the market for car loans has seen an incredible drop in interest rates. The explanation for this phenomenon comes from various levels of the automotive industry.

The Manufacturers Compete For Market Share

Since the economic crash of 2007, it has been harder than ever for car manufacturers to stay in business. Some have gone bankrupted, others have found creative ways to attract and keep customers. One of the winning solutions was offering low interest rates on financing plans.

Since 2014, these interest rates have dropped lower than ever, resulting in some of the cheapest car loans ever, through direct financing from the official dealer. Here are, for example, some APRs (annual percentage rates) offered by some of the best-known car manufacturers:

• Honda, Mazda and Kia – under 1%;
• Audi and Buick – under 2%;
• BMW, Chevrolet, Lexus – under 3%;

Historically speaking, these interest rates are the lowest ever since November 1990. Back then, the average rate was 11.6%. Five years ago, the average APR was 7%. These days, the highest APRs you get from dealers do not exceed 5%.

The Banks Favor Clients With Good Standing

In terms of financing options, if you have a good credit score (over 700), you may obtain the cheapest car loans ever from banks. In numbers, this means an APR of under 1%. For prospective buyers with a credit score or around 650-670, the interest rates are around 3%-4%, still extremely affordable.

Credit Unions Step Up The Game

If your credit score is not stellar, you should not settle for the offer made by commercial banks. Credit unions offer interest rates between 40% and 44% lower than bank rates for the same loan amount. For example, on a three-year loan, the average APR is 2.54% if you want to buy a pre-owned car, and 2.24% for a new car.

However, this trend will not be around forever, and there are signs that the market is moving away from the low point. If you still want to take advantage of the cheapest car loans in years, you should act now.

How Interactive Kiosk Manufacturers Can Help Your Ensure Steady Customer Flow - Automation


In today’s business world, speed is key to success, and, for kiosk manufacturers, this means improving automation and delivering more value to their clients. Many companies are facing ever increasing demand for information in real time from their customers, and the costs of operating large customer service departments are very high.

The best solution is providing clients with an intelligent, automated system and four winds software that put them in control of how they seek for information and how they interact with the company. After many years of developing and perfecting these systems, kiosk manufacturers have created a full range of customized solutions that can help your business:

Be perceived as a modern, high tech company - These days, people tend to build trust faster with companies that embrace new technology and integrate computerized systems into their business processes. Faced with the choice between waiting in line to talk to an employee and searching for the information they need with the aid of an automated system, without having to wait, most people will prefer the second option.

Create more customer engagement and build a subscriber base - Faced with an interactive computer system that asks them whether they would like to subscribe to a newsletter, a lot of people willingly input their contact information. Things are very different when a company officer presents them with a form to fill in their name and email address.

Always provide accurate, updated information - It is very simple to edit and update information in a computer system integrated by kiosk manufacturers into their products. In a matter of minutes, you can add information, correct errors or delete obsolete data.

Automate simple transactions - Sometimes, people need to perform a very simple operation, such as updating their subscriber data or adding more options to their services package. All these issues can be solved in a few minutes, with a few taps on a touch screen.

Provide 24/7 information services - Hiring a team of call center operators to work in shifts, during weekends and legal holidays, costs a small fortune. Setting up an interactive kiosk is the modern, reliable and easy to maintain and update choice of most innovative companies.

The main advantages of an interactive kiosk reside in its versatility. You can program it to provide your clients with a varied range of functionalities, from basic information provider, to automated transaction processor. If you are in doubt concerning the type of kiosk adapted for your business, kiosk manufacturers have extensive knowhow to help you select the best option for your needs.

3 Tips For Running An Online Background Check For Pre-Employment Screening

If you are looking for new recruits, you should do some investigation of your own as it is hard to take a person's word in today's world of fraud and deceit. And you don't need to hire a detective to investigate; you can do that yourself as Internet is your buddy. So let us teach a few tricks for you to find the best background check online.

What should you look for whilst running a Background Check for Hiring Employees?

Here is a list of factors you should look for while running an online background check for potential employees:

Criminal Record:

You don't want to hire a candidate with a criminal record; therefore it is the first thing you should look up on Internet before hiring a candidate. Howbeit, your decision shouldn't be made solely upon any criminal activity you may find about your candidate. For e.g. if you are looking for a delivery driver and you find one of your candidates has earned 3 speeding tickets in the past year, this is a fair reason to reject the candidate. But if you find the same criminal record for someone who has applied for the post of your secretary, speeding tickets is a reason not good enough to reject your candidate, if he/she is well qualified.

Resume and Qualifications' Verification:

You must cross check your candidate's work experience and educational qualifications on Internet before hiring them. See if Internet says the same about them as they have mentioned on their resumes. This little effort will not only verify whether or not your candidate is fit for job, but will also speak volumes about the truthfulness and honesty of your candidate and will help you in making an "informed decision".

Credit Checks:

This check is limited to a few specific jobs. Credit checks can give you a general picture of the financial situation of a candidate and if you are looking for employees in the cash division, you can run a credit check on your candidates and see for yourself if your candidates fell behind a couple of times on their credit card payment or maybe have a huge amount of loan or debt. This check shouldn't become judgmental, rather it should help you in deciding whether or not your candidate can handle the stress of their financial obligations.

Along with these checks, you should consider few other areas in mind while running the online background check. See if your candidate has had sexual abuse charges against him/her and social security traces which reveal previous residential addresses and pseudonyms your candidate has used in the past.

We have stated a number of areas to check in before hiring a candidate. Howbeit there's one area you have to be careful and that's looking up your candidate on social media sites. You can stalk your candidate on social media sites but you have to be careful not to bring in the information you have derived from social media sites into your interviews. You are not allowed to ask personal questions during an interview, so even if you stalk your candidate on social media sites, make sure to steer clear of personal questions whilst interviewing or you may have to face lawsuits.

How Your Wedding Dress Affects Your Wedding Portraits

There is a lot that goes into getting the best wedding portraits. For starters, you have to find the perfect wedding photographer (such as Lovepear Photography in Kent), then you have to listen to their advice and finally, you have to allow for your style to show. Wedding photography is an art. And like every other form of art, creativity and originality form part of the cornerstones of this industry. As a bride, you want to know that you have done everything in your power to ensure that your wedding portraits will be as beautiful as you will look on your special day. This starts from the moment you start looking for a wedding dress.

What kind of connection exists between the kind of wedding dress you choose and the quality of portraits you get? To answer this question, you would have to look at your day to day life. There are those clothes that make you look stunning and then there are those that simply do not do you any justice. The principles are the same. The kind of wedding dress you choose should flatter you to the extreme. It is, after all, your day to shine.

Be Creative With Your Wedding Dress.
Some UK weddings have been dubbed the most unusual of events. What this means is that people no longer stick to the traditional, church aisle and white gown weddings. Nowadays, you can be as creative as you want with your ceremony. No body says you have to where traditional, puffy white wedding gowns. Choose something that you look great in. Something that will bring out your best features. These are the same features that the photographer will capture with his/her camera.

Choose Your Colors Wisely.
When choosing your wedding dress and general color theme of your wedding ceremony, you should take a few things into consideration:
- Of course, your favorite color matters. These should be the dominant colors in the ceremony
- Consult with professionals on how to make the colors pop

The second tip is what will help bring out the best in your photo shoot. You should consult with your designer and photographer to come up with the best possible color combination. Professional photographers know which colors work best with what light. They also know how to custom make shoots to each and every unique client. Meet your photographer and allow them to suggest tips that will work best to bring out your most dazzling images.

Remember, the better you look in your wedding photos, the better you make the photographer look and the happier you are. Trust your photographer to help you style your venue and even give tips as to which wedding dress works best with your particular figure and look.

Youthful Skin Is No Longer Reserved For The Rich And Famous

Regardless of your age, you certainly won't like to one day wake up in the morning and look in the mirror realizing that you have a few wrinkles around the eyes and maybe on your face as well. While you may immediately think that the fastest way to get rid of them is plastic surgery, there are always better ways of going about this and one of them involves using anti aging supplements. On top of that, you should also make a few changes to your lifestyle including renouncing smoking, reducing your alcohol intake and so on.

Why you should give phytoceramides a try

If you heard about the fact that some of your friends use the best phytoceramides out there and you have no idea what they are, well, these are basically anti aging supplements that can smoothen your fine lines (especially those around the eyes, but also reduce the appearance of your deep wrinkles no matter if they're on your face or around your mouth. One thing to keep in mind though is that you should make sure you renounce eating fast food and keep a healthy diet while taking them, since this way you'll be able to take advantage of its complete list of benefits.

Phytoceramides are made in the United States and are scientifically proven to work. This means that the minute you start using them, you'll have the peace of mind that in about 2 weeks you're going to see some changes in the way your skin looks.

Stop smoking

If you're a smoker then you're not only damaging your skin by ingesting a few thousand cancerous substances with each puff you take, but at the same time you're also at risk for developing heart disease and even cancer. When you smoke, you basically narrow your blood vessels in the skin's upper levels which in turn reduces the production of elastin and collagen. In time, this leads to sagging of the skin. If you don't want that to happen, then be sure you quit smoking as soon as possible to preserve your skin's youthful and firm appearance.

Moisturize regularly

To make sure your skin looks glowing and plump, you need to make sure that you'll moisturize it every day. When your skin is dry, then it's going to wrinkle and crease easier than you think, so hydrating your face on a regular basis is necessary to prevent that from happening. Keep in mind that if you have an oily skin, you should go for a moisturizer that is oil free. This way, you won't risk that your pores become clogged.

Using Turmeric As A Facial Mask

For many years in Asian countries it was a tradition that the bride had to apply a facial mask that was made with turmeric before her wedding day in order to help make her skin more beautiful and radiant. However, the thing is that turmeric can also be used for brightening the skin, fighting the signs of aging and also for alleviating different types of pains. Therefore, if you'd like to make your own turmeric mask, then below we're going to show you exactly how you can do that in the comfort of your own home.

Use it in capsule form

For a simpler way of taking advantage of turmeric's benefits, you could opt for taking turmeric pills which can be easily found on the internet. What you do need to keep in mind though is that the daily recommended dose for adults is somewhere around four to five hundred milligrams. Anything over this amount may lead to side effects, since your body needs to get used to it before you can switch to a higher dose.

Applying it on the face as a mask

In order to apply turmeric curcumin on your face, you should first of all consider washing your face with warm clean water. After you do that, make sure that you carefully remove all traces of any lotions you may be using, makeup and any other cosmetics on your face. If you must, then you can also use a gentle soap. When finished, pat your face dry.

At this point you'll need to consider applying the turmeric paste on your neck and face and then smooth it on gently starting with your forehead. It's not recommended to get it in your eyes, so be careful.

Lie down

After you've managed applying the mixture to your face, you should lie down for about twenty minutes. You could take this time as an opportunity of losing stress by also listening to relaxing music. When the twenty minutes are off, all you need to do is make sure that you wash off your mask using warm water. After your face is perfectly clean, you should splash it cold water so that you can effectively close your pores.

Lastly, after you have washed your face, all you need to do is apply a moisturizer which is going to help your skin further absorb the turmeric. Enjoy having a beautiful and healthy skin!

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