Blurb Review

Blurb is a program that gives you the freedom to create and self publish a book yourself. It is a platform for personal book makers, authors, business people and photographers to publish various books and materials. One interesting thing with this site is that it has no suggestions, no editing and no comments, all they do is print what you create. Here is a review of blurb website and whether it is recommended to work with them.


As mentioned, blurb (see offers no further suggestions and help in printing your book. It is a platform that gives you the ability to be creative, publish, sell and distribute various materials. These materials include magazines, books or photo books. They are distributed in digital and print format. Blurb ensures that the self-publishing process is easier for everyone.


One outstanding feature about Blurb is its downloadable BookSmart software. It allows working offline and is available for download on Mac and PC. This software streamlines you workflow so that you can create and publish several materials within a few minutes. It further accommodates both a casual easy-to-use system and an intricate usage. It is sophisticated enough and does most of work, it also has enough options to allow customization of every detail. It is therefore possible to choose from different themes, colors and fonts of various pages.


Blurb has had a good reputation in terms of the quality of products and services.


One notable advantage with working with their services is that they have a wide range of designed templates that you can choose from. One chooses from a wide range of paper, trim size, trade books and magazines templates. You will get a good idea in how your book should look like. If you also want to customize the book yourself, you have the option of creating your own design.

Easy to work with

The customer service of this company is good and easy to work with. Once you request a book to be published, it will be published in a very short time. Blurb has a record of delivering your book within a short turnaround time of four days after order. Printing and working with blurb is simply easy and fun.


Some of the notable cons with their services is that it do not provide distribution to sell your book on the market places other than the official Blurb’s online store. The site will therefore be suited to professional products.

Final verdict

Blurb is a simple yet sophisticated self-publishing service for books and photo books. Though it lacks premium marketing facilities, it gives consumers a fun and easy way to self-publish their content. This site is recommended for anyone that would like to make their publishing work easier.