Know The Different Types Of Window Locks

Here Are Some Common Types:

Innovative designers have come up with various types of window locks that are specifically suited for different types of windows. Generally, the locks are optimized for top-level security and user-friendly operation. There are different types of locks for sliding windows, awning windows, double hung windows, and casement windows. Here are the specifics:

1. Locks For Sliding Windows

The various types of locks for sliding windows are uniquely robust in design and enhanced to guarantee easier opening and closing of the windows. Most window lock types that fall in this category are operated by a simple push of the button. You will notice that these locks come with special reinforcements for resisting attacks.

Another distinguishing feature of the sliding window locks is that they are made of solid zinc die cast for maximum endurance. These locks may also feature a stainless steel ferrule, which guarantees greater durability and optimum security. They are available in different brands and may feature certain ultra-modern enhancements.

2. Locks For Awning Windows

The awning window lock types tend to feature a conventional design and a rock-solid construction that ensures advanced utility and greater efficiency. You will find these locks in the lockable and non-lockable versions. The zinc die cast construction and the positive fastening feature are some of the common qualities of these types of locks.

Different types of locks for awning windows have right hand and left hand versions depending on the preferences of the user. The designers also included a combination pull and fastener feature to enhance their effectiveness in terms of secure locking. Many people prefer these kind of locks because of their versatility and reliability for residential and commercial utility.

3. Locks For Double Hung Windows

There are wide variety of locks that are uniquely designed for double hung windows. A close look at these windows locks shows various features that make them suitable for securing double hung windows. The multiple enhancements that feature on them are intended to enable high resistance against attacks and improve their operational efficiency.

Many special locks of this nature come with a stainless steel ferrule in case you intend to use them for timber applications. The locks are designed in a manner that positions the window for secure ventilation. Others come with a reversible bolt to help you install them in your preferred direction for left handed or right handed convenience.

4. Locks For Casement Windows

One defining merit of the locks for casement windows is that they are available for a multiple applications. Many of them are designed with multiple user-friendly advantages, which makes them ideal for general utility. Their solid zinc die cast construction enhances the locks' robustness and strength, which are necessary to guarantee security.

Many of these type of window locks come with one-way and standard fixing screws. They are built with unique enhancements to withstand impact and attacks. Many homeowners and business premise managers are fond of these locks because of their stylish appeal and high security advantage. The locks are available in different brands, designs, and enhancements.